Baby chick having seizures every night

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    Jul 30, 2011
    One of our baby chick is having seizures every night before we go to bed. Others are OK. She lays on his side or back and start shaking her legs. Then she seems back to normal. It's been two night like this so far.

    They are about week old and we have five of them. Black Australorp. They are inside house and have a heating lamp. Only one producing this sort of behaviour. Anyone seen this before?
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    As you are seeing this behavior happen in a routine manner, might I suggest that on the next evening you film the behavior so that we can see what you are seeing? There are few possible answers, some of no concern and others potentially very serious, to your concern and it will help to pinpoint which one(s) to consider if we can actually see what is happening with the bird.

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