Baby chick hobbling on elbows

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    Mar 3, 2009
    :(My two week old chicks are not walking/standing anymore. They were fine yesterday. This is my first venture with chicks, so here's all the scoop on how they've been raised thus far.
    First, these are the second batch of chicks, two weeks old now and two weeks younger than the first. Both were in separate brooder boxes, on pine shavings covered with cloth for about four days, then just the pine shavings. Everyone had the vitamin water for three days and are now again on vitamin water.
    Second, since they were in side by side boxes, they were so courious as to what was in the other box, some of the older chicks "flew" over the box into the younger chick box. They all seemed ok with each, so I moved them all into a larger brooder. So, now the four week old chicks are with the two week old chicks. That was four days ago and all was fine.
    The four week old chicks are bigger ofcourse and doing lots of flapping around in the new brooder that has low hung dowels for roosting. I thought perhaps the bigger chicks beat them up a bit with their flapping around, up and down the low roosting dowels. The little ones were doing the same moving around in the brooder, so who knew anything was amiss?
    So today, I noticed the two week old chics have started sitting or hobbling around on what I can only call their elbows, they aren't straightening out their legs. It isn't all of them but about 1/4 of them are doing this. It's not spraddle leg, or at least what I understand as spraddle leg. This is not happening with the four week old chicks, who are really rowdy gals! Esp one Ameracuna ... any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    *Bump* Sorry I can't help but maybe someone else can? [​IMG]

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