baby chick is a mamas girl


In the Brooder
5 Years
Jul 20, 2014
I just purchased 2 rhode island chicks and 2 buffs. I've set them up in the garage and two days later I started noticing one of the rhode island chicks was head down standing in the corner and getting pecked. I've adopted her into my personal care now with extra tlc, I dont know if she's ill or not because by herself she is a normal chik. I've given some electrolite water and she eats lots, the only thing is that she'll chirp at the top of her lungs in her box until she sees me and then she'll eat. When I put my hand in she climbs in and I have to hand water her. She spends most of the day tucked up in my shirt sleeping and chirping. So I eveey half hour or so I put her down in her box to eat and water.
She's quite the demanding mamas chik.

I think its cute. :)

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