baby chick is sick

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Buckeye Fan, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Jul 14, 2010
    New to this, as a large animal ag major from OSU did not include many feathered critters... Mail order chicks born July 4 ( my freedom birds). One Rhode Island red is smaller, and favors her left leg. No curled toes, tendon seems to be in place, no broken toes, no swelling, full mobility/no pain in 'PT' sessions, no scabbing or swelling on her foot or leg, same color as other. Eats, poops, is feathering nicely, but is the tiniest and has a limp.She gets tired more, and stands leaning against the side of the brooder. She is about 20% smaller. Had them innoculated for Coccidiocis (sp?) and Merck's. Using wood shavings on cardboard bottom, and changing/adding clean daily. Spent hours researching but cant find what it might be. Can chicks pull a muscle in their thigh/hip? an other ideas? Anything I can do to help her? She is so sweet, and loves to be held. I am hooked![​IMG]

    she died last night. :'( Tried sugar water and also a few drops of milk for protein, but she was so tired i had to put it a drop at a time in her beak.Got up early to go get vitamins, but too late. Other 8 are a little nervous this morning, but eating, drinking and doing fine. No clue what went wrong with her, but am sad. Lil One was my fav...
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    I honestly do not know the answer to your question but I hope you figure it out. Yet [​IMG]
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    You might want to give it a drop of vitamins for a boost. I use Poly vi sol no iron for infants. I try to get as much of it out of the eye fropper and I use the tiny drop that leaks out fron it draining down the tube of the eye dropper. Just let it run onto it's beak. When I can't get it to drink ut down I use the eye dropper and swish it in a little water then pull the water in a different eye dropper or small syringe with no needle of course and get it to drink that way.
    It could have gotten trampled by the bigger chicks or twisted it. Hard to tell. The vitamin will give it a little boost and hopefully help mend the problem. I have a chick that was always slower to grow than the others. It's doing great and still keeps to itself. It's about half the size of the others it's age but doing well and thats what I did for it. It is blind in one eye and I suspect it got pecked by another when they where in the brooder. I took it out of "general population" and put it with a buddy in a separate brooder and it started eating more. It didn't have to compete with the others to find the food. The weaker ones will get pushed around and sometimes abused by the stronger ones. It's animal nature to weed out the week ones. My little guy is free ranging every day but he stays by himself.

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