baby chick, lathargic


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8 Years
May 10, 2011
hey all, i have a baby chick, about 3 3 weeks old, came with a silky and 4 others, this one this morning was fine, then this evening, sitting all alone, looking poorly
now i brought him in and held him, he was cold, i got an itch and looked, saw a mite, so i jumped, and checked him and sure enough, i saw maybe 5 mites under his wing, i assumed there was more, so whipped him off to the shower, where i washed him in green tea and citrus and cramberry, and then shampoo and rinced with the tea, now i know this wont kill them, but i have nothing else, and its the weekend, i was hoping maybe it would help a bit, maybe lower the numbers, now i didnt see him crawling with them, just a few, but once i get an itchy feeling, i cant stop scratching, so im going nuts here, itching all over, once i washed and dried the chick off, and put him on his own safe and warm, it was off to the shower with me for a full strip and wash
now my question after that little ramble is this, are these little brown mites able to live on all feathered animals, coz i have brids, lots of them, of many kinds
other question, how do you know its a bad mite infestation, is a few normal, i will be treating my mother chicken and her babys soon, as i dont want them to die from it, all the others seem fine, just this one all weak and tired
oh yea, another question, is there anything i can get, from a normal shop, as its the weekend and i wont be able to get chemicals, is there a shampoo, or some herb or something i could use to treat mites?
well, my poor little thing passed last night, i brought him to bed, i have a specialised place above my pillow for infant animals needing 24 hour care, i had him warm and nice, got water in him and some souped baby chick feed, i went to sleep and was dreaming of him, half way in my dream i drempt he died, so i darted awake, and sure enought, he was just gone, i was very sad, i had my hand under him,keeping tabs on the temp, i didnt feel it go cold, i am used to doing this sort of care, so i knew he didnt over or under heat
he was thin when i got him, so i dont know, i think he must have got a chill, or wasnt eating, any hooooo, hes gone now, and the other chicks are thriving with there mother, i will be dusting them all, but i see no signs of mites on anyone else

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