Baby chick looks like a fluffy tennis ball!

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    So, I'm new to raising chickens. I've read tons, googled more and lurked around BYC for months before ordering my chicks. Wednesday my little ladies came by mail, 12 buff Orpingtons, 2 Easter eggers and 1 cuckoo maran. I've lost two BO's (1 weak out of the box and 1 lil runt that refused to eat or drink regardless of nursing), I anticipated some loss though.

    Which leads me to chick #3 (another BO) that appears to be in some sort of distress. I use this term loosely though, she's active, she eats, she drinks and she makes poop. She however looks as though she has swallowed a tennis ball! She's the roundest little chick. This evening while inspecting them all for pasty butt and any other abnormalities I discovered what appears to be a bruise on her belly. It's approximately on inch in length and half an inch wide. It also feels as though there is a hard pea sized lump in her crop.

    She was the largest out of the box however I fear it's not just because she's "big boned" but rather an ailment or sickness. Any ideas? Suggestions?

    Thank you bunches!
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