Baby chick not moving?

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    Apr 20, 2011
    So this i got these baby silkie chicks about a week or two ago from a lady who was looking to get rid of them. they was fine when i got them. there about 7-8 weeks old. i have two of them. yesterday i walked outside and i let them out of there cage to walk around and noticed one wasnt as active as the other. so i just let them out and left them alone. maybe and hour or so later i go back to check (it was around 90-100 degrees) and its still not as active as the other, well i just figured it was hot so i picked it and the other one up and brought them inside and figured it just maybe got hot. it drunk alot of water and ate a little bread this morning but its still not as active as the other its just standing crouched in one spot peeping ALOT. is there anything i need to be concerend about?
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    He might have gotten a little overheated, maybe a little heat stroke yesterday. Make sure you get some electrolytes into him. Also, at 8 weeks they are still susceptible to cocci. A bird doesn't have to have bloody stools, sometimes just being off means they are fighting it. Cocci loves warmer weather so it's a bigger threat this time of year. I'd get some electrolytes in him first and make sure he's comfortably cool. If you don't already have some, to go the feed store and pick up a cocci medication just in case you need to use it.

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