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    I need some guidance on whether or not I can help one of my chicks. We live in Hawaii where there are lots of wild (free-roaming) chickens. The hen mom technically is wild, but we had rescued her as an injured chick 10 mos ago and rehabilitated her in our home. We healed her infection, broken leg and injury from a toe being bitten off and she grew nicely. She lives outside on our property but about a month ago, she chose to lay her eggs in our laundry room (her safe place when she recovered). Last weekend 3 chicks hatched (she has more eggs but I'm pretty sure they are not viable). Two are thriving but one is not ("Claire"). Claire is hanging on, but she's smaller than the other two now and not nearly as active. She does eat (mainly papaya but we just started making a scratch mash and syringed her a small amount of that). She is weak and often just sits down and closes her eyes. I know where this likely is going, but if anyone has any ideas for me to help her, please reply. She does have a bit of poop on her bottom, if that is indicative of anything. My husband has a background in vet med, but our experience is mostly small animal and horses, not poultry. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thank you!!

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    It may be best to set up a brooder and bring it in for a little while. Syringe feed it every couple of hours and keep it warm. And yes, clean its bottom. Chicks get "pasty butt", which is when feces sticks to the feathers under their vent. If it isn't cleaned, it'll build up and block the vent which will result in the chick dying.

    Mashed, wet egg yolk is excellent for perking up chicks. Sugar water gives them an energy boost as well.
    Good luck!

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