Baby chick problem!!


12 Years
Aug 26, 2007
Help! I got 6 baby chicks 2 weeks ago from the local farm shop. They all seemed fine except that one of them was a bit smaller than the others. She acted ok until yesterday. She seems to pick at her chest and then she can't raise her neck. Then she kinda falls down and goes to sleep, breathing heavily. I have looked at where she's been pecking herself and she looks ok. I don't see anything and she hasn't drawn blood. My husband and I have been dripping water by her beak to get her to drink and she seems to be taking at least some of the water.

What is going on??? Is she going to die or is there something I can do to save her.
Thanks for your help!! This is my first time raising baby chicks and I would hate to lose any of them!
She might have mites or lices. If you can put Selvins dust on her its a type of bug killer. Try to get some food down her asap.
Also add some vitamins and raw unfiltered apple cider vinager to her water, if you have them.

If she won't eat her chick feed try some egg yolk-boiled and mashed. If you have some plain unsweetened yogart or a probiotic you can add that to it to get/keep the bugs in her stomach working.
I would not put sevin dust on a chick that young.

Sounds like she is weak, maybe put a little sugar in her water for a little quick energy while you figure out whats going on with her.
I would suggest the apple cidar vinegar or the vits or quik chik before the sugar water. Too much sugar water and you start to have pasty butt issues.
She seems to be perkier now but she is still pecking herself. I had another really close look at her chest and all I see are some little feathers coming in. Could she be itchy because of this? As I said before I am really new to this!!! What would lice or mites look like? And if I find any what should I do??
I will get some apple cider vinegar asap and see how that helps! Thanks!!

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