Baby Chick Rescue Remedy.. Advice needed


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Dec 31, 2013
Have a day old (hatched Christmas Eve). Possible my 2yo had a squeeze of this one while I wasn't watching, possible it is a weak chick. Is in a puddle, was fine this morning and now a puddle of poor baby chick...
Any rescue/sustenance remedies?
My instant reaction given age was to dip beak in water a few times and (omg hope this is okay) feed it some budgie hand raising mixture (crop was empty)..
But now I have my wits, and seriously, if I am keeping vigil of this darling little blue mottle pekin any serious advice please....


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Jul 16, 2015
Chicks don't usually eat or drink the first couple of days because they absorb the egg yolk right before hatching so I don't think feeding it or water is going to help it, sometimes they aren't formed correctly, that would be my suspicion, I would just keep it warm and see, though it doesn't sound good.


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Although chicks don't need to eat for 48 hours or so, they are able to without any problem, so you won't have done any harm. A few months ago I had a poor hatch under a broody - one chick didn't survive more than an hour, and another was looking just as bad, so I spent the rest of the day drip feeding her a lukewarm sugar solution every 30 minutes. After a couple of hours she perked up amazingly, and is now a healthy and happy pullet with the rest of the flock.

Some birds aren't destined to make it, but it can't hurt to try - you have nothing to lose.

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