Baby chick scare

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  1. BooBear

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Conroe, Texas
    I went out to check on my chickies and let everyone out when I came home from shopping. When I let Blueberry out with her chicks and checked on Rosie and her.....missing chick? [​IMG]
    Yes, Rosie's baby was missing! [​IMG] She just hatched either late Wednesday evening. I looked around and there I saw outside of the brood pen the wee chick laying near the pen and wall on her side. Oh NO! I thought she was a gonner....until I saw the slightest movement. Quickly I went over and scooped up her cold little body and detected that she was still breathing. [​IMG] Somehow she got out of the pen and could not figure how to return to momma. The wee baby was gasping from being so cold. So I put her inside my shirt to warm her up as I am wearing a sweater. I held her for a good while as she began to warm she stopped gasping. Soon she began to wiggle and chirp. The other chickies looked at me weird as my boops chirped. But I was so happy that this little one was trying to pull through. [​IMG] As soon as she was chirping I went to give back to momma who was looking for her; but, just then Peaches popped in the coop looking for lady love with Cinnimon hot on his heels. Cinnimon grabbed Peaches and literally shoved, kicked, flogged, him out the pop hole. This commotion upset Rosie who was already upset and she took off! [​IMG]

    I waited for her to come back for a bit holding the now active little chick. The baby still was not opening her eyes so I sat in the coop holding her till she gained more strength. Finally her eyes opened and she snuggled up to my neck chirping at me. [​IMG] I have been talking softly to her this whole time. I decided to get momma and baby reunited; so, while holding the wee baby I went out to were the flock was and watched to see if Rosie would come. Sure enough! [​IMG] She ran to me from across the yard at the sound of her babies chirps. I scooped Rosie up (she didn't like this very much) and carried her with her baby back to the brood pen. I checked the pen and covered any openings I saw that the baby could have gotten out of. Satisfied that momma and baby were settled in I then came in side for a short break.

    Gonna scramble up some warm eggs for them to mix in with some food to help warm the baby up some more. I am hoping the wee survivor stays close to momma now.
  2. gryeyes

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    Oh my, I know that scare exactly! I'm so glad you saved lil' chicky!

    (And boobs are great chick warmers, no matter what anybody says about the practice!)
  3. ProudNewChickenMommy86

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Acworth, Ga
    I'm Doing That Now With One Of My Babies Lol
  4. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Good save! [​IMG]
  5. BooBear

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Conroe, Texas
    Thanks, I did not think about it when I put her on my boobs in my sweater. I know I can put off alot of heat and felt like the sound of my heart beat would stir her into hanging on.

    Darla (yep she has a name already [​IMG] ) seems to be doing good now. She came out when I gave Rosie n her some scrambled egg with chick start sprinkled over it. Darla was not sure what it was but did take some bites then snuggled under mom where she stayed the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully she will grow into a healthy girl. ( [​IMG] [​IMG] that she is a she and not a he)

    She is a tiny little bantam that hatched from one of the red frizzle bantam cochin eggs. Not sure who the daddy is though as my red girls love, love, love Lester (BBS Wyandotte) but have also been having romance with Cinnimon (Patridge Silkie).

    I also gave a plate of scrambled eggs to Blueberry n her babies. However, the main flock saw what was being offered in the coop and swarmed the treat! It was very comical as the chicks were weaving in and out of the mob with big pieces. Everyone got a bit and within less then a minute that treat was gobbled up!

    Mrs. Grumpy then spotted Rosie n Darla's plate safe in the brood pen where she could not go and had a fit! It was funny. [​IMG]
  6. abbey808

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    Jun 30, 2011
    I love a happy ending! Yay Darla!! [​IMG]
  7. Whittni

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    Mar 26, 2011
    Southern Utah
    I've never thought of warming up a baby chick like that but it is not a bad idea...[​IMG] I've always just put on a hoody and put cold baby chicks in the front pocket.
  8. BooBear

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Conroe, Texas
    Quote:Body heat works great for warming up the little chicks. Have you read the threads where some folks hatched eggs in their bras? I can't see myself doing that as my boobs are too big with not enough room left in my bras, but is does sound pretty neat.
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    Jun 4, 2011
    chicks, bunnies, puppies, and kittens. Oh and some human babies seem to like boobs too [​IMG]
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    Jul 17, 2011
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    To all above :


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