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    Sep 1, 2011
    Just wanted to share my story as it may-may-not help raising your chicks. This was my first attempt with chicks.I did alot of reading here so I said lets give it a shot.
    I ordered 25 chicks (received 26 extra BR) . 5 each,-all poults, Buff Orpingtons,Easter eggers,White Brahmas,Barred Rocks,and Speckled Sussex. I received them Oct 9, hatch date was the 8th. They came to my post office and I was there first thing to pick them up. I wasted no time as the brooder was set up the day before and ready to go. (in my garage) Wire rabbit cage app 30" x 48". I put card board on the top, bottom and sides making sure they would have no drafs.
    Each chick had their beak dipped in there (warm ) water bowl (sugar added) as they were introduced to the brooder. Newspaper on the bottom of the brooder(minimum amount of pine bedding(so they could find the food) with food(chicken starter) spread out.They drank like crazy.I did have one chick that was a little lethargic but made sure I got her to the waterer by hand every hour for the first four. She survived.
    Day 2 continued sugar water (1 tablespoon to 1.5 gallons) added upright feeder
    Day 3 no sugar , just added Braggs apple cider vinager (1.5 tablespoons to 1.5gallon)to their water source (no pasty butt for this bunch) .
    Week 2 added more pine bedding to the bottom.
    Everything else went as planned move light up every week.
    They drink alot of water so make sure you check daily as there are times I needed to add more during the day.
    @ Week 6 they were moved out to the coop. I did put the heat lamp out there just to be safe.
    They are now 11 weeks all survived , No losses. Just sold 13 healthy chickens as 13 is my max. My last flock was 10 but I just needed 1 extra....ok 2 extra.....aaah OK 3 extra . Im addicted !!! Enjoy ,and hope this helps. Give it a try!!
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    Sounds to me like you did all the reading and implemented what
    you learned very good job I do need to admit and inventive with
    the rabbit cage [​IMG] ...... [​IMG][​IMG]

    All around I would have to give you for a first timer a A+ [​IMG]

    gander007 [​IMG]

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