Baby Chick Toe Injury

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    Hoping for some advice on this baby chick that came to me with a toe injury!
    I bought a handful of chicks at the feed store that includes this little Buff Orp with what looks like a broken toe. Of course, this is my very first batch of chicks EVER and I end up with an injured one. I didn't see it until we got her home and I'm afraid if I take her back to the feed store they'll just toss her. So I'll keep her and see how it goes--she seems to be eating/drinking/moving about fine, obviously doesn't want it messed with but I'm sure it's painful for her. Any recommendations on how to treat it? We did wrap a thin strip of band-aid around her toe when one of the other chicks started pecking at it, but otherwise she seems to be doing okay with it.

    Any advice/recommendations/warnings on what to watch for would be appreciated!

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    Someone probably stepped on her or set something down on it. I think it is crushed, and she may possibly lose part of the toe up to the injury. I would put some betadine or iodine on it, and watch it. You could make her a little shoe with a piece of cardboard and paper tape or a bandaid cut to fit her foot on both sides. Here is a link to read about chick shoes:

    photo by PDSavage
    photos by Horsefly
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    Awesome, this is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I thought about putting some antibiotic ointment on it, since there does appear to be some flesh damage and I don't want it to get infected. Should I do that or just the iodine? I need to run to the store tonight so I can pick up some iodine then.

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