Baby chick toys?


8 Years
Aug 27, 2011
Saint Louis, MO
My chicks are about 5 days old now. They are extremely curious and love anything new that I put in their environment. First I put one of the straw mats from their shipping box on top of the paper towels. They all climbed on it and immediately went to sleep. They continue to sleep there and haven't really pooped on it. They love to peck at it and pull on any loose stands.

I then took a second straw pad and mounded it up and put it in the corner. They take turns running up and down and playing king of the mountain.

I shredded some colored paper and dropped a handful in. They love to crawl around in it and play chase with a piece.

I washed and dropped a few tiny twigs in which they love to drag around but they can't pick up them up yet.

What other toys have peopled used?
you kidding.
Pretty basic, mouth , eat, poop and sleep
do not show them plastic bags lol they run like if it was monster XD haha I think a stuffed animal would be ok
I put a cat toy in there they just look at it so far it is a hard plastic ball with a bell in it....they also see their reflection in the side of the cage and think that is interesting so I am going to pick up a small hand mirror..
Might try little cardboard boxes? My little bee-zee seems to enjoy climbing in and out and on top of boxes. Her favorite so far is an empty Ivomec box lol, my guess is because it's a different color than the rest of her boxes.

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