Baby chick treats?


Mar 13, 2013
Just came back from the feed store, went to get the big girls more treats as they were almost out. Got them meal worms and Garden Delight seed mix. I was looking around for some chick treats, for the babies, but I didnt see anything at first. Eventually I found this, it was the last one so I got it.

Anyone ever used this? Do I need to provide grit with it? I didnt see it on the ingredients list, but I've also got a bad headache today so maybe I just missed it.
I figured I might need to.

Now about the grit, I'm just curious, and would live to be informed if im wrong, but it's just little rocks right? Wouldn't a dish of dirt from the yard be sufficient for the chicks?

I've never given any of my flock grit, but they also have access to the yard
They do need grit, and it's best to buy a bag of chick sized grit for them, to be safe. It's cheap! Probably costs less than that 'treat bar', which I do hope is actually a balanced chick feed, because if it's tastier, they will overeat it.

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