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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by scout24, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    Hi everyone,
    I'm a newbie to BYC and baby chicks. Mine are 19 days old. I got a five different breeds, 2 orpingtons, 2 dominiques, 2 australorps, 3 welsummers and 3 salmon favorelles.
    I was wondering when you can give them treats and what type? Also when can they go out and eat grass and bugs?
    I'm building their coop and run this weekend and wondered if they could come out and play.
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    Jun 10, 2008
    I started giving mine yogurt every other day or so after a week. I had to sprinkle it with starter crumbles so they could figure out what to do with it. I think the taste was a little off for them at first, but as long as 1 bird is interested they'll all keep trying it [​IMG] They love it now.

    After ~2weeks or so I was giving them small bits of fruit or grass to nibble at and some dirt to play in - I'd also throw in the occasional cricket I'd find in the yard. They all seem to be doing perfectly well and all seem to be making the association of hand=food/treat/good !

    We took two of the 4.5 week olds outside last night to play in the garden. It took them a few minutes to adjust, but pretty soon they were having a ball. They look so much smaller outside - but the 4.5weeks(ameraucanas) are pretty well feathered in and did just fine in the slightly cooler evening air. The rest of the girls are ~3.5 weeks and I would be comfortable taking them outside - the buckeyes and buttercup are a little smaller but have all their back feathers and I think would be fine for a few afternoon hours. Best of luck on the coop and run - I hope to have my run done soon as well !
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    Hi, I'm also new, so I may be wrong, but I read somewhere that you can take them out as soon as it's over 60 degrees (Not for too long, though). I have 3 four day old chicks and my sister and I have been taking them outside for a short time since they were two days old. At first we had them in a pen so they wouldn't run away, but after a while we realized they could fit through the bars easily, but only if they chose to. (they did, eventually, but not for a while) It okay, though, they always stay close and never run away really fast, like we were afraid of. [​IMG]

    I was also wondering about treats. I'm going to be watching this thread!
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    [​IMG] scout24 and cr213636!

    They're certainly old enough to let em have treats. Soft treats like yogurt or canned pumpkin are often favorites.

    Chickies will eat just about anything, though funny enough, what some love, others won't touch. [​IMG]

    If you plan to let them have treats like veggies or bugs, be sure and give them grit to help break it down.
    You can get chick grit, parakeet grit or even plain sand, it all works the same.

    Y'all have fun with your chickens!

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