Baby Chick Weak, Eyes Closed, Cant Stand Up.

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    May 3, 2016
    Her breed is a Barred Rock. Only about 1 and a half weeks old. I looked in the box where we keep our chicks and it was on its side, eyes closed, almost like it was dead. We got her out and got her warm and gave her some water. at first we thought she just got a little dehydrated because she got a good amount of energy back but then collapsed again in the box. its been about 3 hours and shes still very weak. We have been trying to give her some water and watered down feed. but she refuses to eat the watered down feed. She is also speaking a good amount .The other chicks look good, although there was one before with some of the same symptoms, it was collapsed and had its eyes closed but that one didn't eat or drink anything, nor did it speak at all. it had some kind of seizure then passed. I'm not sure what else I can say but id like to know whats wrong with her before something bad happens like the other chick, Please Help!
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    Welcome to BYC. Where did the chicks come from? In chicks that are shipped to homes or to feed stores, they can suffer from shipping stress. They can be dehydrated, weak, and suffer from pasty butt. Keep it warm, around 90 degrees F, with a cooler spot to get to if overheated. Feed water with electrolytes by dipping it's beak tonight and tomorrow as often as possible. Look for any droppings blocking the vent, and clean them off every day.Let us know how it is doing.

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