Baby Chick Wings


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8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
I have a baby chick whos wings are are turned outward instead of smooth against body. Has anyone seen this? Is this a problem?
Angelwing? I've never seen a chicken with it, but I've seen ducks and geese with it.
I looked at pictures. I think that is it. I am feeding them starter feed that should be formulated for chicks. Anyone know the cause or how to fix?
It could just be how the wings are laying; I've had many that the wings sort of go straight back rather than curve toward the body; is this possibly what you have going on? If so, it's nothing to worry about.

Are these chicks from a hatchery? Hatch date? Breed?
I am starting to think that it is just the way the wings lay. The more pics I look at of angelwings, it doesn't quite look like. It is a Rhoad Island not from hatchery, hatch date was 9 days ago. This one seems to get picked on a lot by my older ones 5 weeks old and I just want to make sure it's not something they are going to peck at.
her shoulder also is raised more and doesn't rest the same way on her back like the others.

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