Baby chick with a funky beak~is she ok? (pic enclosed)

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    Hi. I am a new chicken mom and have 26 3 week olds right now. They just had their birthday yesterday and are doing great. I have one that I have noticed has a weird beak, it curves sideways if you look straight on her and it does not close all the way. This is the only picture I have been able to get of her so far as she is ALWAYS moving. I am assuming she is fine as she came from a hatchery at 3 days old and is growing and eating well. But, will it cause her any problems later maybe? She looks really funny and we have named her Yo Yo. (From Hoops & Yo Yo. My son loves them.) She is very sweet and we love her, I just hope it is not something that will bother her later. Thanks for any thoughts on this. Kim

    You can't totally tell but her beak is curving to the right in the picture. Kind of like she went through heck maybe pecking her way out of the shell. lol. Also, in the pic her mouth is closed and this is how it sits. She has a bad overbite that is curved.


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    I would say as long as she can eat and drink, sure. Many 'egg producers' shave chicks' beaks to prevent damage to the flock. I would call 26 a flock. P
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    May 23, 2011
    We had the same thing back last April when we hatched our chicks. At three weeks old one chick had the same thing going on with the beak. As the weeks went by her beak became more crooked. Now, nearly a year later her bottom beak is completely to one side. We have to syringe feed her 3 x a day with a nutritional support (from my vet) and organic baby food, peas, green beans, peaches, occasionally apples (apples tend to bring on sour crop. I give her yogurt when this happens). She's doing fine, is slightly overweight but very much loved by the whole family. It's a lot of work but we figured we hatched her (not sure if it was a dip in the temp) so we owe it to her to take care of her. We have her beak trimmed at the vet.
    I also rescued at 2 year old hen that had been kicked in the face. Her beak looks very much like your chicks beak now and she manages just fine on her own

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