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    Mar 9, 2013
    I recently purchased 6 chicks from a local TSC. 5 of the 6 seem totally fine. I have had them for about a week. 1 of the chicks seems to have a cold. It sneezes every once and a while but not a whole lot. She has a raspy sound when she gets to breathing heavy. Her eyes are fine and no discharge from her nose. Not really sure if I should do anything about it. It hasn't went away but it also hasn't gotten any worse. New to chicks please help with any advice. Thanks!
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    Jan 17, 2013
    it sounds like the beginning of a respitory illness. give one of these two things, vetRx if she is still drinking it can be given in water or tylan 50 which is an injectable. i believe the dose is 1/8cc for full size bird but please check on dose because I'm not 100% sure on that. read on both things and use which you feel most comfortable with. but do act soon.also seprate this bird from your flock. the raspy breathing is not a good sign and the chick needs treatment as soon as possiable. if it we're my chick id use the tylan injectable. it says on product for cattle and swine however many have been very successful using it for chickens. i have it on hand incase of respitory illness in my flock.please read tylan for chickens. there is even a you tubevideo on how to give a chick tylan injectable. i really Hope this helps. do some reading and decide which course of action your comfortable with. i really hope she gets well soon! i would act fast with getting the antibotic into her system. please keep us posted on how she does. best wishes to you.
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