Baby chick with eye infection, should I bring it inside?


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Oct 25, 2020
Parksville, NY
Hello all! My name’s Adrian and I’ve had chickens for a coups years now. This is the first time I have had a broody hen hatch her own chicks. This one little runt had one swollen, bulging eye that’s a little yellowish. She just bumbles around in circles and peeps- she’s not growing at the same rate as the other chicks, clearly not getting enough nutrients. They hatched 5 days ago- today I brought her inside and fed her electrolytes and probiotics and some egg yolk but I took her back out cause she was clearly lonely. She doesn’t eat the chick feed. She did take a nice nap tho with the heat lamp. Should I keep her inside while I treat the eye? Or leave her with her family- also, if I do bring her in, should I take another chick with her so she’s not lonely? Thanks!!
It sounds like it's infected and you need to use an antibiotic.

When we had one with an eye injury we used Amoxicillin and it seems to have worked well as the chick completely recovered.


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Pictures of the chick in question?
She now seems to have a swollen crop which I attempted to show in the last pic- I noticed it last night after giving her some egg yolk and electrolytes (hence the yellow mess). This pic was taken in the am before I even tried to feed her. Seems to be a lot of problems not just the eye.

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