Baby chick with her bum in the wrong place!


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Hi everyone
This is my first post this year we decided to start raising chickens for pets. I've incubated and hatched three times with shipped eggs my last hatch was Monday and 9 chicks hatched. One frizzle had what I though was dried membrane on her back but it seemed to be getting worse not going away. When I checked her last night it is actually poop! Her bum is on her back! When she grows will it move to the correct spot? Or at least closer to where it's supposed to be or do she need to be culled? :(

Like I said this is my first flock we had chickens when I was a child but I have never seen or heard anything like this before.

Any help will be great!
I haven't seen this. Many oldtimers would probably cull this chick, but if you want to keep her she may be able to live since she can pass stool this way. She probably has other deformities that you can't see inside. I don't think she could mate or lay eggs properly. Maybe someone else who has seen this will post their experience.
I have not seen this before either. But if you do not want to cull her then don't. If she were mine I'd keep her and see how things go. She will need help from you keeping clean. As Eggcessive said, it may be that there's other internal problems as well and she may not thrive as she gets a little older. Time will tell.
I have not seen that but life has its strange ways, I've got a duck with litterally a twisted face, I hope the little chickie makes it! It would be sad for it to go. Shes a special one!
Ya I don't care about the extra work of keeping her clean my only concern is that the other chickens will start pecking her when she gets older. I'm really hoping someone on here has had the same experience and can tell me how their's made out.
There was someone on here whos baby chickens was born without a bum. anything is possible, maybe put a diaper on her so she doesn't get pecked?
I have no clue what to do.
Personally I would cull her because who knows what is going on with her, she could suffer as she gets older but it's all up to you.
If you do keep her I would be interested in seeing how she turns out, can you keep us updated??

Just one thing, make sure you don't hatch from her.
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