Baby chick with injured wing, puking and lethargy!


May 18, 2015
Hello all, this is my first post here and hopefully if my little Pepper pulls through it won't be my last!! Please help!


there is a chicken coop in the yard that belongs to the landlord and he said I could bring a chick of my own if I wanted, so I did. There were 6 other same age chicks in the coop when I brought my little Pepper, and I was of course especially attached to her, much more than the other chicks and I'd often take her out of the coop into the house to walk around and hang out with me. She learned my voice and started coming when I called for her and she walked behind me everywhere I went, and at night I would put her to sleep with the other chicks in the coop, as well as when I went to work for a few hours during the day.

After 10 days of being best buds, and her being one of the most active and social chicks of the bunch, yesterday I noticed she was being very slow and sluggish and falling asleep every chance she got, which was unusual. Then last night I discovered her left wing wasn't working and it was just sort of hanging there and she was only using the right one. After some googling I learned that when chicks this young behave like this it's a sure sign that they're simply not one of the chicks who will make it. So, I gave her food and water to drink and a few moments later she puked out this clear gooey substance that I think was the water she drank. She slept next to my bed in her box and I've kept her separate from the others ever since just in case she has something that may spread. I'm doing my best to keep her comfortable and giving her lots of love and keeping her fed and hydrated, I even brought her to work with me today so she wouldn't be alone at all (which works out because I am a nanny) but further than that I really have no clue what to do.

Now, finally, my question: what do I do?!!? Should I take her to a vet? Should I attempt to bandage her little wing myself to keep her from damaging it further? Is there anything I can feed her to help her heal? Please, she is such a sweet little thing and I know sometimes chicks simply don't survive so if that happens it happens but as of right now I want to try to beat the odds and save her ): any advice would be greatly appreciated, by the both of us!

I don't know if someone handled her roughly or if she got pecked at/injured by the other chicks because she gets the most attention, but I just want to help her.

P.S. I also don't think I've seen her poop since last night!

P.P.S: 2 hours later, she pooped, and she's a little more active/responsive but her wing is still the same, if not worse.
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