baby chick with neck problem.

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  1. waywardson07

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    Nov 7, 2011
    Okay i have 3 chicks and i dont know the exact age because i havnt had them since birth, but i have had them for at least a month now. Two of the three seem to be growing quickly and leaving the other behind. Yesterday when i went to go feed them i noticed the little one standing in the corner kind of shivering. i went to see what was wrong and noticed her head was sideways i tried to make her go eat but she didnt seem to interested and wouldnt straighten out her neck. i picked her up and noticed what looks like a bruise abover her right eye. i have since had her in my room and have been up all night because she starts freaking out every 5 min when she falls asleep and her head falls all the way and she cant lift it so i have to go lift it for her.

    any ideas on what i should do ?
    do you think she will make it ?
    is the eye injury the cause of this ?

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    Maybe she somehow hurt her neck....Is there anywhere that your chicks could stick their heads through and maybe get stuck?

    Maybe you could just keep her comfortable and see what happens......If she rests, and you can get her to eat and drink, she may recover....

    Neck injuries are tricky!

    Good luck with your little chick,
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    I'd add some vitamins to their waterer. Either poultry vitamins and electrolytes or polyvisol baby vitamins NO IRON.
  4. aoxa

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    My polish hen is the same way.. There was a dark spot above the eye.. I think she somehow got injured.. She's much older than your chick, but is growth retarded. I gave her some poly-v-sol for wry neck, and that fixed the neck problem, but she is still weaker than the others. She doesn't have great balance either.

    Try the vitamins.

  5. waywardson07

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    Nov 7, 2011
    thanks for the quick replies!

    for the rest of the chicks their heads are a bit big to fit through the wire but this one is unusually small so yes her head would fit through the wire that might be a cause.
    im keeping her inside till i can see some progress. the only problem is in her current condition about every five to ten minutes she starts crying and flapping around trying to straighten her head up and i have to go pick it up for her to stop. is there any thing i can make to help hold her head up ?
  6. waywardson07

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    Nov 7, 2011
    im going to have to try the poli visol for sure

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