baby chick with prolasped vent

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    Nothing like waiting till the last minute and I'm sorry! I was introduced to this site a mear three weeks ago and have read it religiously since. I thought I would have time for introductions and what not before I needed to ask a question (even though I have a million lol! :) ..... But I don't....I have a 7 day old Silkie that I got 4 days ago that has been fighting pasty butt for 3 days. No problem right! Well yes, yesterday I thought I saw a prolasped vent when cleaning but did nothing because most things online talk about hens with this issue so I thought it was of no concern for non laying babies. Well today I realized I was right and cleaned it again and applied preparation H twice throughout the day. (I forgot to put the orajel on there to numb her as I read cause I'm a newbie.) I watched her eat, drink and poop all day but boy is it huge as others have said. I pushed it back in only for it to come RIGHT back out! I noticed when I hold her she likes me but is scared and peeps which causes her bottom to pertrude even more so I decided to handle her as little as possible this evening to prevent this. I separated her in the brooder and all she did was peep so I didn't want to stress her out and cause more protrusion so I put her back in with the flock shortly after mostly because she still has enough strength to peck the other 3 to gain her order. I do see her sleeping more today then the others of the same age and she's squatting like a human to poop so I know it hurts and it is taking her energy to be like this. I googled a vent sling only to see that the post were meant for hens and your supposed to leave it on over night inwhich I'm afraid to do to block her from pooping. I mean if I put a bandage across her vent to hold it firmly then how can my little pooper poop? What should I do? Sorry for no introductions but I just joined and don't have time to figure this forum out yet but I don't want my little Gertrude to die over my negligence for something that could of been prevented! What am I doing wrong? Thank you for allowing this post Backyard Chickens and for any and all replys!
  2. newtoallthis

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    Feb 15, 2014
    Central, FL
  3. newtoallthis

    newtoallthis Out Of The Brooder

    Feb 15, 2014
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    I know your can't see the vent in this it wasn't meant for that. My daughter took this 2 says ago just to show the colors of my little Gerrti!
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    First thing - isolate her NOW!! When other chicks see the prolapse they will peck at it and pull it out further - probably killing her in the process.

    If you can't take her to a vet please post on "Emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures, thread." Hopefully someone on there will have a better way to remedy this situation.
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    Alright [​IMG] great to have you in the flock [​IMG]
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    X2 I would try to get her to a vet today if you can. And yes, keep her separated from the others as once they figure out she has this issue, they can peck her to death. I have never had this issue before. And she may not have just a simple case of prolapse, even though she is "coming out". Some sort of growth problem may be causing this issue. Maybe something inside of her is making her insides come out, as there should be no reason to be forcing so hard to poop. You may end up putting her down as this may need more of a surgical intervention than simple prep h or soaking. I am so sorry about your baby and I hope she makes it. [​IMG]
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