Baby chick with sore butt

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    My favorite Welsummer was getting pasty butt, so I gently cleaned it off with warm water. She still had a black scab-looking spot just below her vent, so I used some vaseline to try to remove it. It won't come off easily and and she chirps in pain when I touch it.

    Now her vent area is looking swollen and pinkish. She keeps pecking at it. I put her in the box she was shipped in to isolate her within the brooder and to see if she was pooping. No poop after 1/2 an hour (and these little things are pooping machines!). She did not want to be in the box, however, and took the biggest flying leap I've seen any of them do and hopped right out to be with her sisters.

    Not sure what I'm dealing with or if she is going to be ok. She seems ok rather than this issue.

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