Baby chicken hurt!! :’(

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    Mar 18, 2018
    Omg omg! Today I was putting my little chickens back into my chicken coop (which is an out house because we have big chickens and the little ones will get hurt by them) and I closed the door and caught one of my babies in the door!!! She started flipping around on the ground and couldn’t stand or hold her little head up but she can move her legs and her head and can still chirp. I’ve been giving her water and giving her little bits of bread. Idk what else to do my heart is completely shattered. Someone please tell me if she can be saved or if I need to do something different. Yes she is separated from the other babies. I’m just so upset!! Someone please help!!
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    AGAIN BREATHE! Accidents happened, I've caught my chicken's feet/neck in the door, thankfully they're adults & are ok but never learned.

    How is it now? Can it stand? Hold it's head up? Or just laying there? Keep it in a dark & quiet place, forget the bread but offer water & food.
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  3. Is there any blood? Has she pooped since this happened? And how old is she?
    We all have accidents, so it's okay :)
    Are her eyes open?

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