Baby chicken mystery

Kim E

In the Brooder
Sep 30, 2021
Please be assured no one on byc will "beat you up", blame or judge you for an unforeseeable accident. Most of us have lost poultry due to tragic accidents too. Chicks/chickens are so tough in some ways, & so fragile in others. In addition to possibilities mentioned above, the wheezing and gasping could have also been due to internal injuries of its larynx, esophagus or trachea. Your little chick no doubt felt your loving care and concern. And even though its dying in your hands was very traumatic for you, your tender hands were the safest, most comforting place it could be.
I had not considered that but it makes perfect sense. Only in total relaxation could she breathe normally, but a chicken will never stay relaxed for very long. It may have been a combination of things. I'm glad for the assistance on byc because it will help me to search for clues and remedies quicker if anything of this nature should happen again, whatever the source or cause. I appreciate you guys more than you know. And yes, she knew she was loved. I made sure of that.

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