Baby Chicken Question


Mar 2, 2016
Hi everyone, I bought some baby chicks through the mail, 4 of them are OK, but one is a little slow on her feet and chirps a lot. I am not sure if she is eating. I softened her food with some water and tried to put her beak in it, but is not eating. I see her at the feeder with the other ones, but not sure she is eating. I think something is wrong with her legs too, she falls over and when she does drink she puts her head up so far she falls over. Any suggestions? Not sure if she is sick or just tired? Shes about 4 days old now. Not completely sure of her breed as I went in with a friend and she bought some too and I think we got them mixed up. Thank you for any help or suggestions, I don't want her to die on me. She is my daughters.
Sometimes they aren't formed correctly and will die within the first few weeks no matter what you do. I would try either electrolytes, or I actually add some brown sugar to their water during the first few days in case they have low blood sugars. I use a teaspoon to a quart. If they have low blood sugar they will be weak and confused. Otherwise there's not much else you can do unfortunately. Keeping them a a correct temperature, 85-90 the first week can help avoid stress too.

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