Baby chicken thinks in its mom?

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  1. I have a baby chick that thinks I'm it's mom and it's still too small to take out of the incubator and it keeps hollering and the only way to get it to be quiet is for me to stick my hand in there and then it snuggles up to my hand. It is the cutest thing ever but if I let it come to me it won't be warm enough. What do I do?
    Thanks in advance
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    Do you have other chicks hatching out- other eggs in the incubator? If not you can move him to the brooder. I move mine right away whenever I can because my incubator never lets them dry out- but if there are more eggs in there to hatch out you don't want them to shrinkwrap and dry out.

    Make sure the temp is 95 to start in the brooder if you move him early. Then you can go with the 90-95 recommendation after a few hours, to acclimate him. Decrease by 5 degrees per week until 6 weeks (fully feathered).

    If he is going to be by himself for a long time you can put a mirror in there (in the brooder not the incubator).

    So if he has to stay in the incubator you are going to have to leave it closed so he can stay warm.
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  3. I have some that hatched yesterday and a few days before so I tried moving it and it kept chirping The only thing that will make it be quiet is me :cd :he
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