Baby Chickens Missing Feathers

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickenman111, Mar 22, 2013.

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    My Grandfather got some baby chickens last week at the feed store and 2 of them were missing feathers on their back and now another one is missing some feathers on its back. Is it just pecking and if it is what can he do to help. Or is there something else wrong. The chickens are Black Star.

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    They are most likely pulling each others' feathers, and I'm going to guess they are also overcrowded and/or too warm. They were almost certainly overcrowded at the feed store, and very possibly too warm as well.

    Make sure the brooder is big enough that they can get away from your heat source and cool off if they want to. Many here have said chicks prefer cooler temps than what is usually recommended, at least once they are recovered from shipping stress. Try reducing the heat in your brooder. Also be sure they always have access to food and clean water, a bit of a challenge with new chicks. Take them outdoors for short periods for outings on the grass or dirt -- you will need a temporary fence, maybe an old upside down playpen or scrap of chicken wire. While they are so small, keep your eye out for hawks. Even if it's still pretty cold where you live, they will benefit from a little while on a sunny day.

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