Baby Chickiedoodles and The Family Doggiedoodles

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by TheCrazyChick, Dec 23, 2012.

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    The baby chicks are now 1 week old and I have attempted an organized plan of action when it comes to bonding them to our Golden Doodle dogs. We have 2 very large Golden Doodles, who usually bark at anything that moves. This was a concern, as once the chicks are moved to the outside coop I did not want the dogs barking at the hens whenever they are outside. So, the other day (at 4 days old) when cleaning the brooder, I placed the chicks in a low rubbermaid container, hung their brooder lamp from the light fixture over the counter and brought the chicks into the kitchen. I then called the doggies over to investigate. Cappy (the very large and tall doodle) was quite interested, but no barking or jumping. Izzy decided to completely ignore them. With that being successful, I then took the container of chicks and went to the sofa with them in the box in my lap. Izzy continued to ignore them, with only a look in their direction every few minutes. But absolutely no barking! Cappy was quite nosey, sniffing them, etc, but no barking and no jumping and NO EATING! I felt this first introduction was a success.

    The next day I tried again for a longer period. Success again. Izzy completely ignored them and Cappy stood next to the rubbermaid container on my lap and sniffed, but no bad behaviour whatsoever.

    Last night the same thing, but even better behaviour from Cappy! He basically sniffed a little, wagged his tail, and then climbed up on the sofa next to me and appeared to casually stand watch.

    I will start keeping them for longer periods on the counter under the heat lamp (or on my lap with a rie filled heating pad) until the dogs both completely ignore them. Once that's successful, I may let the chicks lose on the kitchen floor for a short period (don't want them getting too chilled on the ceramic) to see what their running around might do to the dogs.(There is a baby gate between family room and kitchen to routinely keep dogs out of the kitchen.)

    My goal is to de-sensitize the golden doodles in regards to the chickie-doodles, hoping this will translate to a similar reaction once everyone is outside in 6-8 weeks.

    So far so good. here's a few pics of Cappy and the chicks ...





    Wish me luck over Christmas when the house filled to the brim!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
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    Sounds like a good plan!! One other thing I might suggest in the desensitization process is getting the dog not to do the "prey stare" at the chicks. I mean, they all do it, but be able to get the dog to snap out of it whenever you ask him to. I would use treats, and each time he looks to me instead of the exciting tiny birds, give a tiny treat. Sounds like you know what you're doing, at any rate. Good luck and remember to never leave them alone with the little ones. Hope your holidays are lovely.
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    So cute:) I hope that my dog is just as good when our chicks come.

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