Baby chicks are crazy adventurous!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by thebulg, May 13, 2016.

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    I have 2 chicks, one from the local feed store, one that i hatched on a whim. The one i hatched came out on monday (it's friday) and the other one is a few days older. We are using the mama heating pad method, and it's going beautifully! The older chickens dont seem to mind the youngens at all, and the little babies are thriving. I have never seen such active, alert chicks.

    That being said, THEY ARE FEARLESS. I have found them in our front yard, the other side of the back yard, under bushes, everywhere. We have a half acre. Sometimes its because they are following the big chickens, sometimes not at all.

    Do baby chicks, when with a mama hen, stray very far from her? Do they ever sort of take off and come back? My primary concern is thst without an adult hen, they will wander and not know how to get back to their home. But i might be underestimating them. Im just not sure!

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    Well since it's been a while since you asked, I'll take a stab at it although I don't have direct experience. I do think mama hens exert some control over their chicks, primarily vocally. In addition, chicks would tend to stay close-ish so that they can pop under her for warmth/comfort. Mama would also be actively teaching her chicks about what's good to eat by calling them over to her when she's found a tasty tidbit. And of course distress peeps from the chicks can bring mama running to them too.

    So I think your chicks could potentially get lost if not supervised.

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