baby chicks are having issues

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    I need some help (yes it's me again). I got 50 chickens today, they are all a day old, but five of them are having issues. They twitch and fall over, and can barely stand. These are the sick ones, but the rest are normal. They walk around, eat and drink like normal, so they are not too warm or cold. Please help!
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    Were they shipped directly to you or did you pick them up from a third party like the feed store, etc?
    One common issue encountered with chicks is shipping stress. Some birds are a little less equipped to make the big trip and come out of it dehydrated and in a weakened state - they may suffer trauma during transit as they weaken and become squished, stepped on, etc by the rest of the chicks in their box.
    Separate the five into an area of the brooder where they are protected from further trampling. Do you have Save-a-Chic or other electrolyte powders available? If so you want to put that into the water you offer them -- if not you can substitute a little sugar water or other "DIY formula" in a pinch for now. Hydration is more important than nutrition at first - they need to be hydrated before they can digest food. Offer small amounts of soaked chick feed -- make it good and soupy -- this makes it more attractive to them *and* helps increase hydration. If they can't take hydration on their own you can place single drops of water on the end of their beak so they can suck it in and swallow - this is a safer approach than trying to force the drinking as it lessens the risk of aspiration.

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