Baby chicks aren’t eating?

Hello from Manitoba!
New chicks can go up to 3 days without food or water provided they don't get too cold. They also sleep a lot when first hatched, so they're not too active (yet).
However, some possible issues to watch for may be:

1) Did you dip their beaks in their water when placing them in the brooder? If not, you need to teach them how to drink. Youtube has some vids that can provide visuals if you've never done this before.

2) Chicks won't eat or drink if they are too cold. If the brooder temperature is too low/ the heat lamp is too high up to warm them etc., then this may be the problem. You should place a thermometer in the brooder and under the heat lamp to make sure your temperature is correct.

Hope this helps and good luck.
Mine didn't start eating until day 4. I found they ate more if I used my fingers to crumble up their food into even finer pieces, much like sand. Did this for the first week or so.

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