Baby chicks arrived in freezing temperature - Don't give up hope!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by GermanChick, Mar 4, 2014.

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    Apr 12, 2010
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    Cackle hatchery shipped my order yesterday and I was able to pick them up at the post office this morning. Overnight temperature were single digits and I was worried sick about them. I ordered 20 pullets and 25 straight run bantams. 2 of the bantams were dead, I think they just got smothered by the others. 2 of the bantams were near dead, just laying on their side and legs twitching. I put them in the brooder under the heat lamp and didn't really think they would make it. Checked the shipping box again and one of the "dead" ones showed just a tiny little bit of movement/breathing. Put it in with the other ones but didn't give it much hope.
    Now, 2 hours later ALL of them are running around eating and drinking. Can't even tell now which ones were the ones that were not doing good.
    ALWAYS put them under the heat lamp, even if you think they won't make it. You never know, those little fluff balls are tougher than they look :)
    It is still early in the game, we will see tomorrow how they are doing but so far so good. Will give them a little cooked egg yolk later to get them some extra boost.

    Cackle did a nice job packing them. I called them yesterday and they reassured me that in this temperatures they will put in a heat pack and grow gel with no extra charge.
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    I'm so glad you had such a successful ship! I bet they are all beautiful babies. I had one this morning that was on it's side, opening and closing it's beak when I checked the box. I drove home with it in my hand trying to warm it up, but it died soon after I got home.
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    Man, that's a crazy story! Im glad they all made it [​IMG]
  4. GermanChick

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    Apr 12, 2010
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    I almost culled them right then when I opened the box they looked sooooo bad. The two almost dead ones couldn't even stand up or lift their head, just laying there on their sides and leg twitching. Wouldn't have thought they will perk up like that. Just didn't have the guts to kill those itty bitty things. Glad I decided to just put them in the brooder :)
    All happy eating and drinking. That's what I call a come back ;-)

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