Baby chicks Before & After thread :)


7 Years
Mar 12, 2012
I am starting this thread because i love baby chicks
so the point of this thread is for anyone and everyone to post up pictures of chicks 3 months or younger and then if you guys can once they are old post up how they look full grown :)
here are the first chickens i got thet are about two weeks old and they are Two BO's and two RIR

and here they are kinda grown up
so you guys can post up pictures of yyour little chicks now and then in the futur when their big you can post up a pic when they big! :)

barred rock pullet, white leghorn pullet, exchequer leghorn cockrel, RIR pullet and RIR cockrel, i will post up pix of them when they are grown up!
Feel free to post up your own baby chicken pix and put then put up some when they are older i really encourage it ... Thanks
I guess I'll post mine:

There is my Kay (RIP D:) and my Dayday. (sorry, not the best pic)

Now here is my Dayday at about a year old.

She is a Red Star by the way.

I have more, but they are only 8 weeks old now.
aww she is thick, i wish my chickens were thicker what do you feed it? and aww poor chick i love chickens that are blue, i got myself a blue cochin but it turned out to be A rooster so now i have to get rid of it x( and its okay you can post those pics up as long as they are younger then 12 weeks
I feed her layer mash, and she free ranges during the day so I'm sure she eats plenty of bugs (and grass).

Here are my other chicks at 2 & 7 weeks:

In order, Lucky, Maroon, and Chichi

In order, Maroon (RIR), chichi (EE), Lucky (white Leghorn)
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