Baby Chicks Behavior


5 Years
Jan 25, 2014
I allow my baby chicks to free range in the morning and I notice that they will lay down on their side. I have never seen them doing this before. Does anyone know why?
So its normal to see a chick lying on its side with its legs sticking straight out. If I didn't see it breathing I'd swear it was dead. They all do this. They can be zipping around the brooder, eating and drinking, then all of a sudden play dead. I will pick it up to make sure its breathing and then its fine again and running over to the water or food. I thought maybe it was too cold, but the temp is 90 F. I have a brooder lamp, a red one as advised. I really wish this period was over, its cute but its way too scary!
They never really grow out of it. Every morning there's some chicken lying flat out somewhere looking dead, just sunning themselves. Sometimes they are really deep in sleep too. So I walk around poking chickens some mornings. My goats will do the same thing, crazy animals giving me heart attacks.

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