Baby Chicks~Call Ducklings~ N. Nevada


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
So this spring I will be hatching out some chicks...all good egg layer types.

Buff Orpingtons - $3.00
Ameracaunas/Easter Eggers - $3.00
Barnyard Layers - $2.50 (Mixed breeds = hybrid vigor)

If you would like some, let me know and I'll give you a call as they become available, in the order I received your replies...

If you really would prefer birds old enough to go straight in the coop, let me know and I can raise some for you to pick up this summer...

I also have...
Snowy Call Ducklings - $15
Juvenile Sexed Pairs - $50 (reserve now for summer!)

Have a great day!

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