Baby chicks driving me insane with non stop chirping


Jul 13, 2021
It's day 5 after getting 2 x 2 week old Silkies. I am just about losing my mind at this stage. They're chirping for attention (you know that one type of screaming) has been getting worse and worse. I the beginning if I let them out of their coop (which is indoor, with an enclosed space with heating lamp, as well as open space outside), they would calm down if they could mess around and sit and sleep close to us in the room or whatever. And it only happened every so often. Now it seems to be non stop, and they're not happy with that anymore, they want to sit on top of me ALL the time, and I can't, I have things to do. They're food is always filled up and with them, so is the water fresh. We tried a soft toy and feather duster in their coop. Nothing seems to be working, and I am really losing my mind. Can't get anything done this way. Please help.

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