Baby Chicks Dying, Bubbling at the Mouth. Help!


7 Years
Nov 12, 2012
So Thursday morning we received our baby chicks. They were shipped to us just a day or two old, and they surprisingly all made the journey. The first night, we didn't lose any; however, when we woke up it looked as if two were dying (they were away from the rest of the chicks, and I believe the got too cold). I managed to bring them back with a little warmth and TLC. We were trying cold brooding (placing warm bottles of water in with the chicks instead of using a heat lamp and keeping them in the house-we now realize that this was a mistake, and we will use a heat lamp from now on). Saturday morning, we woke up to two dead and 5 struggling. We again brought all of them back to life by putting them out in the sunshine for a few hours. When we woke up Sunday morning there were only 5 still alive. We have no idea what happened. We had to leave for a few hours on Sunday, and when we got back three were alive and one looked like it was on its last leg. I cared for the sick one, but it finally died after bubbling at the mouth and throwing up a slightly yellow liquid. We were feeding them the chick food that came with them, and keeping clean water in with them as well. We had a towel in there with them to help keep them warm, could they be having a reaction to the detergent we use or could they have been sick before we got them or are we doing something wrong? Please help!
*We also gave half of them to a cousin of mine and he has kept a heat lamp on them, but he said his are doing the same thing.

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