Baby chicks eyes not open


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Mar 4, 2018
Bandera, tx
So as I've mentioned before this is my first adventure with baby chicks. I have a variety of 10 that are 5 weeks old now but the kids wanted some Easter Egger chickens. So I ordered them from Tractor Supply. I received 12 in the mail when ordered 10. Three of them have their eyes closed. They almost look like they have Gunk sealing them shut and I was wondering if I could use a warm damp cloth to try to open them or if I'm supposed to let it be. And if you're wondering why some of the feathers look a little wet it's because I feed them for a minute chicken feed which they absolutely love and after eating it they perked up quite a bit. But that's not what's in their eyes they came like that.
Hi, I know this is an old post but I am in the same spot. I have a little Easter Egger with an eye that is sealed shut. I opened one up using warm water and prying the lids apart. The other is too crusty. Do you have any other tips to get the other eye open? Any info would be helpful.

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