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    I moved this post over here, from the "Raising Chicks" section because it is food and nutrition related.

    I just read another thread about baby chicks dying, and some have stated that it could be the lack of heat lamps, not having starter chick feed as reasons. That got me thinking, and I didn't want to hijack that thread.

    Have you thought about what baby chicks used to eat for these past hundreds and thousands of years, before the Pet food companies started providing chick starter feed?

    When I was young, my grandma had chickens and chicks running around in the village. I came from South East Asia, and we were not fancy farmers, and I know for a FACT, my grandma did not feed special chicken feed, or for that matter, chick starter feed. They free ranged all day, and ate leftover kitchen scraps, store bought corn or other grains. But all the chicks did fine. I used to chase them and play with them growing up.

    Strange how now some of us may think, "oh, if the chick doesn't have starter feed, or no gro-gel, then its going to die." The chicks of yester-year must have been much hardier. Or maybe, we are just brainwashed by many pet food companies, and think some things are more necessary than they really are. I'm keeping my mind open here...

    Now, I feed my chickens gro-gel, boiled egg, cabbage, lettuce, all kinds of goodies, and plus all the chicken feed they want, plus I have a worm bin going to provide an unlimited source of red worms, and then I think of other ways I can spoil them. Cold frosty mornings, I wake up early to make them oats in hot water to warm up their bellies, and give them nice cool fruit and veges in summer. All I can say is "Sigh, the chickens I had when I was growing up, and the chickens I have now, are eating entirely different things.." hu Am I making them tougher, or softer? I'm just saying...
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    Hi Sheila, my wife is from Indonesia. Where she is from, most chickens are fed low quality rice and corn, and free range for bugs etc., during the day, for their protein source. Most people don't buy chicken feed at all, like we have here. They still lay eggs, they still hatch chicks, they still become meat, etc., but I will say that chickens here grow to be much bigger and stronger, as they appear very skinny over there for the most part. However, realize that the reason they are not fed a higher quality diet, other than rice and corn, is because it is cheap, and many there maybe can not spend the extra money that a higher quality feed would cost. [​IMG]
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    Believe it or not If you have to many chicks in a brooder with a heat light they may be sufocating. a cold chick will crawl under the rest and then can't get out. As for starter I use it but only because it's convinant. I have fed corn meal and oatmeal mixed and done fine.

    I really believe we tend to forget they are Chickens and end up making life to easy for them. Look at us. We have made life so easy for ourselves we are either to fat to get through the door or so skinny and weak we can't make it to the door. A little overstated but not much !

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