Baby chicks getting along with adult ones???


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Mar 24, 2017
Hello, and I have a small problem. I have 5 golden sex links, (1 is injured and will probably die in the next week) and im watching a friends two chickens. They have a black one, and one that looks like ours. Our chickens HATE the Black one. They have nearly pecked it to seath, and I think it's going to die from infection. They used to get along with the one that looks like them, but since it hangs out with their nemesis, they now bully that chicken to a lesser extent. I'm wanting to get new baby chicks, but after this I'm afraid they will just pick them to death. Will they still bully baby chicks? Sorry for the long post!
You didn't mention how old any of these birds are but I'm presuming adults? You can't just throw territorial animals together and expect peace. Chickens that have been living together are a flock. Any outsider is an intruder. The more obvious it is, the rougher the newbie has it. This is why gradual introduction is best for chicks and adults and introducing several at once (so the chaos is spread around) is best for adults with adults.
BTW, you should just separate the visitors if they are temporary. There is no reason to stress your flock or risk introducing a disease in the name of pet sitting. Caging isn't ideal but it sure beats killing off your friend's birds (or your own).

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