Baby chicks in the Poconos or PA?

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    Hello there [​IMG]

    My dh and I are hatching our first eggs together in a few days, but they are (mostly) for my sister in law. I purchased an assortment from Meyer that should be arriving within the week here... I'm hoping that there may be some chicks that we could keep. We only need three little girls, for a small backyard flock. We'd like a Buff Orphington, a Black Australorp and a Silver Laced Wyandotte chick/chicks (females) for us to keep, but I realize the odds are stacked against me with an assortment and all. [​IMG]

    I checked Meyer for chicks and my dh refuses to pay the $25 shipping for under 14 chicks... so he suggested that I come here to ask if anyone was closer and still had any of the above breeds left that we could purchase and pick up?

    We're in the Poconos of PA. Thanks every so much. I hope someone can help me [​IMG]
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    Hi there!

    I don't have anything yet, but my friend and I will be receiving surprise specials from cackle this week and two weeks from now. If you are still interested then, I would be happy to let you know what ends up coming! I will be raising many of them to sell later on, but many will need homes before they get too big! I know I definitely have 25 modern bantams coming, but the rest will be a complete surprise.

    I live in hope, NJ which is about a half hour from the poconos. I should have lots for sale this summer though, so look for my advertisements here on the site!
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  4. check your local feed mills they have them or can usually get them, if you were closer I would tell you to go to the benton roller mills, they can get all the breeds you are looking for and they are alittle over $2 a peice for sexed ones.
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    In 3 weeks I am making a trip to Barnesville - I have
    Started Marans - 10.00 each All Girls will sell up to ten they are two weeks - The Dh may not want to put out for started Double edge sword you pay more after Chick age even with pick up - but shipping on chicks from a hatchery does drive up the cost. I also have started Buff orps but they are 3 mos and twenty each all female you can pm if interested - will sell 2 -
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