Baby chicks inside or outside?


7 Years
Apr 7, 2015
Hey all,
Was wondering if it's essential for baby chicks to be kept in a set up that is indoors. We are renting and don't think the landlord would be thrilled about them in the house, but only have a set up for outdoors.
I was planning on getting 8 week or older pullets, but none of the feed stores or any breeders have any! It's only day old.
I just would feel funny about a heat lamp way outside running with no constant supervision.
Obviously I would love to keep them indoors as opposed to outdoors. Help?
You could take a look at this thread. I hate everything about heat lamps, so I avoid them totally.

I started mine indoors for the first few days, although that wasn't the original plan - hubby/outdoor brooder builder had to be taken to the hospital the day we got our chicks so they didn't get outside for a few days. But after that, new chicks were added and they did start life outdoors.
Do you have a garage or car port? And how cold is it getting to be during the day. If you are going to have them outside you want it pretty warm outside even with a lamp. And you want a box that is draft proof with a VERY VERY good lid because predators are going to want to eat them for a late night snack other wise.

Here is my two cents, build your coop and run and brood them in the coop(in a brooder box). its safer and warmer. And you will spend less time worrying about them at night.
Elder Goddess:
We already have a predator proof coop outside. We don't have a garage or a carport (ugh) but the coop is strong and well sheltered. We're in Southern California so it is definitely NOT cold.

Blooie: I am going to check out that link right now!!!thank you!

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