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Jul 13, 2021
South Dakota
When we order chicks in the spring they are usually kept in a bin in a warm garage with lamps. Today we discovered our RI with baby chicks in the wall of our barn. I sectioned off a corner of the barn put a heat lamp up, food,water etc. Left mom with them. Curious with Temps being 40's-50's during the day and 20's- 30's at night. Do you think that would be warm enough. I know mama's can keep them pretty warm. Silly question.. if I decide to move to garage with out mom. Does that traumatized her?? Lol


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Feb 2, 2009
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I think your question is how will the hen react if you take the chicks away and brood them yourself. Like most mothers she will almost certainly freak out. If she can hear them she will try desperately to get to them. For a day or two she will walk around clucking, looking for them and telling them to come to her. Then she will get over it. She will break from being broody and rejoin the flock. She will not suffer any long term physical or psychological harm.

The chicks will miss their mommy. They will probably do a lot of peeping, trying to call her. Then, in a day or two, they will get over it. They will not suffer any long term physical or psychological harm.

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