Baby chicks to full grown Hens!!!!!!!!!!!


7 Years
Aug 11, 2012
I love whatching my hens grow from baby's to adults!!!!! So if you enjoy the expiriance to, please post pictures of your chickens as chicks, and then post a picture of the same chicken, but all GROWN UP!! xxxxxxxxx I hope to see all the cute babys growing up on here!!! XXXXXXX

Here is Daisy and Poppy as cute little chicks!!!!!

And here they are all grown up!!!! Still looking good girls!!! XXXXX

Here is beaty (names after black beaty) suzie and baby! xxxxxx

Here they are as Hens in the snow! XXXXXX

Here is Penny, my favourite house chicken! XXXXX

Here she is as a beatifull, well trained, Loveing hen xxxxx

(when penny was a baby, she was so small, so small we called her 'penny' because she was a small as a penny, anyway, becuase she was a runt her mother rejected her after just 2 hours of being born, so we had to take her in. she slept in a box the first night in my bedroom, she would not stop chirpign, she was cold, so we got all our water bottles together and she was cozy and snug, i played and traned her to be a lovely tame chicke, but as she got bigger we tryed to put her back in the flock, but they just would not accept her, so we brought her a big cage, we would leave the door open and she would freely run around the house. by just saying the word 'penny' she would come running. all the getting up to change the waterbottles had payed off, all the staying awake all night worried i was gunna squish her while she slept in my hair had payed off. every think about this long journey had payed off. now she was grown hen she needed to go outside, the other chickens still would not accept her, so she got her own hen house xxx but becuase she had been a house chicken all her life, when she goes outside she did not like it at all. she spent hours tapping on the window, jumping up at the handle, sitting by the door waiting to come in. as soon as u opend the door the slightes bit she would come charging in x we mannaged to tame her down and now she sleeps outside, but in the summer when it is hot we leave the door open, and sure enough we would have our dogs walking around, with a chicken. when the dogs beg at the dinner table, penny learnt to beg aswell. when the dogs lay on peoples laps, penny would join in, when the two dogs are having there had to make three. she even tought herself to chase her tail. you may not belive me, but she does, a chicken chases her tail. penny follows me and my sis (her mums) around everwhere, and thats one thing the dogs do not do. when ever my little sister goes to the toilet, she has to shoo penny out and lock the door! when you get in the bath you have to double check the door is closed! she layes eggs, but she is still the chicken who wants to be a dog xx we realised lately she ha been a little sad. she had stopped coming in the house and she lay in her cage looking at herself in the mirror. she thinks it is her friend. her reflection is the only chicken friend she has ever had in her life. So we decided to do something about it. we got 4 more chickens. becuase ever chicken penny has ever meet has hated her, she was TERRIFIED of the new chickens, but now she has learnt they are her friend. she is the queen of them all now! she is an old chicken now, penny is, but her story just proves that how many people hate you, there is always somebody who will give you love, no matter hoe shy you are, you will always make friends, no matter how differant you are, you will always be special. Penny didnt give up hope of finding a friend, so nobody else should give up hope on ANYTHING ether! xxxxxx i love you penny!)

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