Baby Chicks Will Travel...New Brooder Built Today in Anticipation..


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
Slidell, Louisiana
Hi, Sooooo...Have big coop and run with 30 girls and boys. Wife comes home with 2 Silkie chicks she picked up on way home, knowing that we have 7 "Top Hats" on way from McMurrary on 12th......Soooooo, I needed to act fast. Got storm in Gulf, rain coming down already, but pushed ahead. Built a new brooder today in my shop for the new arrivals. By the way, out hearts go out to all that had a loss from Hurricane Irene. We are is S.E. Louisiana and we feel your pain, hang in there.....Our prayers are with you.
Here are a few pics of what I built today. A few additions coming tomorrow, but pretty much ready for the girls. Hope ya'll like. Also, ck. out our coop page to see what we did down South as new Chicken " Hooked A** Newbies To All This Crziness That Is BYC'ers".






It is 3' x 5' and 20" high. Light enough to move where we is hinged as well as door to open and fill feeders and waterers. Will be on legs with a heat lamp, waterers, feeders, thermometer, pine shavings, etc..... Hope ya'll like my design. Thanks to all on site for good ideas I stole to build this. Will post pic's once all done and babies inside.

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