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    Apr 11, 2007
    i just hached 16 out of 28 eggs the ones that hatched .they hatched early on the 19 th day and no more hatched yet but today is only the 21 first day i plan on leaving them in there for 2 or 3 more days i had this happen last time only about 50% hatch this time i put a sponge and let then stay in the incubater 24 hours what am i doing wrong the lady i bought the eggs from said she had a 95% hatch [​IMG]
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    If you had eggs shipped that could account for part of the issue.

    But with chicks hatching on day 19 I would say your temperature is a degree or a degree and a half too high. You may want to check your thermometer against another. If your chicks are dieing in shell at day 16 or so then I would also think about dropping your humidity about 5% on the first 18 days.

    Forgot to mention that yyou can normally take 20% off the breeders hatch rate when getting eggs shipped. Overall you did fairly well. Sounds like you just need to make some adjustments for your climate and altitude. We all have to tweak that to maximize hatch rates.
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